Inflow of foreign investment, especially, promotes the competitiveness of the regional economy, is one of the major reserves of investment in fixed capital and lay the foundations of a dynamic development of the regional economy in the future.
In newly organized companies introduced world-class technology. To create high-paying jobs as personnel attached to the culture of modern production. Increase output and create jobs and expand the tax base is filled with all budgets, which in turn provides the solution of socio-economic problems in the region.

Because of lack of domestic sources of finance management area in the beginning of economic reforms in the country have decided to attract foreign investment.



Investment passport of Veliky Novgorod








In forming an investment strategy take into account the basic components of the attractiveness of the territory:
advantageous geographical location;
favorable investment environment (preferential investment legislation, the existing structure of business support, the lack of administrative barriers, etc.);
extensive transportation network;
extensive telecommunications system.
Administrative resources in the region is focused on service businesses, support the regional administration and the municipalities of investment projects to more rapid implementation, and assist in the resolution of the various issues of regional and federal level, to create favorable conditions for the implementation of investment projects.
Investment policy principles
Investors are guaranteed:
information transparency of the investment process;
organization of interaction of investors and stakeholders;
unified public procedures;
balance between private and public interests;
objectivity and continuity of decision-making;
goodwill in the relationship with the participants of the investment process;
Simplicity, clarity and stability of the investment law;
presumption of good faith of investors;
transparency of investment decisions.
The investment policy of the Administration is aimed at optimizing the structure of the inflow of foreign investment by economic activity, greater fiscal and social efficiency to attract investment and to increase the flow of investments in priority sectors of the regional economy.
Priority areas for attracting investments in the region
timber industry (creation of vertically integrated structures);
the tourism industry;
Energy on alternative fuels;
transport, including water;
Housing construction, building materials;
extraction and processing of minerals;
Designated priority areas are consistent with the scheme of land use planning and development strategy of the region until 2030.
Source: The Economic Committee of the Novgorod region