According to the Economic Committee of the Novgorod region, the regional value of exports exceeded the value of imports by 2.1 times revenue.
In 2011, foreign trade turnover amounted to $ 2,000,000,000 73.5 million (129.2% compared to 2010). In 2011, enterprises and organizations of the region supported the foreign economic relations with 94 countries of the world. Traditionally, the most active area of ​​trade relations remain with foreign countries, whose share of the total turnover in 2011 amounted to 87.9%.
These countries were supplied goods worth $ 1 billion 263.7 million. By $ 149.9 million - in the CIS countries. In this case, the value of exports to foreign countries has increased year on year by 29.4%, increase in value of exports to the CIS countries amounted to 7.6%.
The largest volume of products sent to China, the U.S., Finland, Brazil, Cyprus, Belarus, Thailand, Estonia, Peru, Lithuania, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Germany. The major share of revenues from the sale of the area of ​​chemical products (64.4% of the value of total exports), wood, paper and products made of them (17.3%), and metals and products from them (10.7%).
Also are exported food and raw materials for their production, engineering products and other commodities. Foreign countries bought in mainly chemical products, wood and articles of wood, and metals and products from them. The largest exporters of the region in 2011 - JSC "Akron", JSC "Novgorod Metallurgical Plant" LLC, "UPM-Kymmene Chudovo", LLC "Setnovo", LLC "Dirol Cadbury", LLC "Malovishersky Woodworking Plant" LLC, "Amcor Tobacco Packaging Novgorod ", LLC" Ilim Parfinsky plywood mill "and JSC" Borovichi Refractories. "
Priority in the import of goods in the Novgorod region also owns non-CIS countries (84.7% of total imports). Total cost of import receipts in 2011 were $ 659.9 million (134.7% compared to 2010). With imports from non-CIS countries increased by 28.6% and from CIS countries - 83.3%.
In the structure of imports in January-December 2011 was dominated by machinery and equipment, textiles, chemicals, food products and raw materials for their production, wood, paper and products (15.3%). In 2011, the largest import purchases carried out: LLC "Amcor Tobacco Packaging Novgorod", LLC "Dirol Cadbury", CJSC "DS Controls", LLC "UPM-Kymmene Chudovo", JSC "Velikonovgorodsky meat yard", LLC "Pfleiderer", JSC "Energomash" and JSC "Borovichi Refractories." Source: vnnews.ru
Novgorod region was established by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR July 5, 1944. 

Novgorod region is located in the north-west of the Russian (East European) plain, within Priilmenskoy lowlands and the northern spurs of the Valdai Hills in the middle latitudes of the northern hemisphere, in the forest area. The region extends from west to east and 385 km from north to south - 250 km, borders Pskov, Tver, Leningrad and Vologda regions.Novgorod region 55.3 thousand square meters. km. With its convenient geographical location area, it has a good relationship with Moscow and St. Petersburg. On its territory are electrified railway and highway Moscow - Moskva.Osnovnym mode of transport is the car. Through the territory of the region's motorway Scandinavia - center. The main directions of traffic - Finland, Germany, Sweden. 

Railway lines across the territory of the Novgorod region, connect it to other regions of Russia, CIS countries, Baltic States, Europe and Scandinavia. 

The waterways of the area open to the exit of ships in the Baltic and White Seas.